Entrance to Rhodonea is granted only through invitation.

This process is for the protection of the indigenous people of Rohdonea, the Rohdonesians. Before the discovery of this planet the Rohodnesians have lived without war and with little technological development. They are a people of great pride, generosity and possess highly creative skills. The Rohdonesians have evolved with highly developed psychic abilities and tho other races have sought to invade and take over these people, none have been successful because of the cumulative spiritual energy of the Rohdonesians. All conflicts have ended peacefully and without blood shed.

It has only been recently that the Rohonesians have agreed for other races to colonize on Rohdonea but only in limited population and only by invitation of previous inhabitants. It has also been agreed that all new colonies must adhere to specific culture and law-full guidelines to remain as a resident. Any infringements of these agreements will be dealt with by immediate expulsion from the colony.

To gain permit beyond this point you must verify your invitation.

Please provide the communication title of the person who granted you the invitation.

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Please provide the temporary visa identification number granted to you.

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